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Meditone Classes

Take time out, enjoy some peace, learn to breathe, tone and strengthen your body

Meditone is a holistic and enriching exercise comprising of pilates and meditation that can make you feel fitter and more flexible. The series of movements can change how your body looks and can give you a new physical poise and greater mental strength.  Meditone includes different levels of exercise with many positions offering an alternative modification to suit you. If you stay sensitively attuned to your body and challenge yourself gradually, then you can move towards your ultimate goals at an effective but safe pace. Meditone will also help to release tension and ease your body back into a more natural balance.

Meditone works with the body as a whole and aims to coordinate the upper and lower muscle groups with the centre of the body.  This technique places a huge focus on concentration and discipline.  Meditone includes deep breathing and uses smooth, long movements that encourage the muscles to relax and lengthen.  Meditone also flows through a series of movements that are dynamic, systematic, and anatomically based.

The benefits of this exercise includes increased body tone, a longer, leaner look, improved balance, more freedom of movement, reduced stress and a good sense of well-being, more energy, better circulation, increased strength especially in the abdominal and back muscles, better coordination, improved posture, improved muscle flexibility, better mental focus and an effective complement to other exercise regimes.

Our classes are held at Ingatestone Junior School on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. The cost is £6.50pp. Children over 5 years of age can also come for £3.50pp.

Call Sheila on 07956123335 for further information.     

Individual classes for meditation and pilates available – Contact Sheila for further information.